Why is self-care important?

Why is self-care important?

Use an Ingy Bingy Band, a pacifier wristband, to help you get the self-care you need!

I never realized how selfish I am until I became a mother. I miss doing whatever I want whenever I want. I miss watching my favorite tv show while I’m sick. Now when I’m sick, I’m typically still running around caring for my 3 toddlers.

I miss going for a run whenever I want to. I ignored all types of exercise for the last 3 years and have found myself unhappy with how I’m treating my body. I want to be around for my kids for a long time, so I need to work to keep my body healthy and strong.

Exercise is only one of many ways we can care for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, the pros of motherhood exponentially outweigh the cons! I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, but it is challenging to put myself first!

Mamas, it’s easy to put our needs to the side. Everyone seems to need us all the time! I feel you 100% when it just feels like there’s no energy left to do anything for ourselves. This is your reminder that you are worthy of putting yourself first!

Why is self-care important?

  1. Burn Out: Putting others before yourself is a noble act. It is often our vocation as mothers to always serve our families and to do it joyfully. However, you will not be able to sustain the demands of motherhood if you are constantly pouring from an empty cup. Whether it’s a 20 minute workout or watching an episode of your favorite show, you need to find something that is only for you!
  2. Joy: Motherhood can be a thankless job. You are constantly cleaning up messes, changing diapers, feeding your family and often don’t get appreciated for it. Finding time for self-care can help you fuel your mind and body in the midst of the mundane tasks of motherhood.
  3. Creativity: You never know what self-care will spark within you. Once I started reading novels regularly I found I was able to play with my children in new ways. A creative spark was lighted within me to embrace pretend play! Finding your creative outlet can help you channel that into creativity with your children!
  4. Energy: Even though we feel exhausted from the duties of motherhood, making time for self-care can actually give you MORE energy. Once I started doing yoga regularly I found I had more energy to play with kids and more patience because I took the time to regulate my mind and body.
  5. Self-Worth: If you are making time for yourself you will be a happier, confident mama. You are worthy of alone time and doing what you need to do to fill your cup each day.

How do you find time for self-care with small kids?

Mom Hack: The Ingy Bingy Band! Waking up early or staying up late can be impossible tasks with young kids. I recommend getting your baby an Ingy Bingy Band so that you can do some self-care during the day! There’s nothing worse than calming your fussy baby with their infant pacifier, beginning a crafty project, and then your baby’s infant pacifier keeps falling out.

A pacifier clip has been the typical solution to this problem. However, babies can’t typically put their newborn pacifier back in their mouth on their own using a pacifier clip until they are around 8 months. The Ingy Bingy Band is a pacifier wristband that helps your fussy baby to calm down all on their own! This pacifier bracelet helps babies to self-soothe from as early as four months old! This pacifier wristband helps your baby find their newborn pacifier on their own without you needing to pause your self-care time!



The Ingy Bingy Band is not your everyday pacifier clip! This game-changing pacifier wristband helps babies self-soothe at a younger age than ever before! Instinctively, babies gnaw on their hands in an attempt to soothe. The Ingy Bingy pacifier wristband keeps their pacifier right where they’ll find it, allowing your baby to comfort and calm themselves while you do whatever it is you need to do!
Our buttery soft wristband comes in two styles to accommodate every pacifier.
Our Pacific style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Avent, BIBS, Dr. Brown’s, MAM, Nuby, NUK, Medela, FRIGG, Nanobébé, Tommee Tippee, and Chicco pacifiers. 
Our Sequoia style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Itzy Ritzy, Ryan & Rose, and The Dearest Grey pacifiers.  
If you are still unsure which pacifier wristband style is right for you, check out our style guide or text the name and/or picture of your preferred paci & we’ll let you know which style is right for you! 



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