• Really, that was my nickname growing up.

    I’m now a mom of two and can’t wait to share a product with you that saved my, and my baby's, sanity! My second baby loved her paci. I mean, loved her paci. Which meant she was so very upset every time she dropped it, especially at that age before she was able to find and replace it on her own. Research tells us that babies typically cannot locate their paci at the end of a pacifier clip or stuffy and put it back into their mouth until about 8 months old. That meant, at only 4 months old, we had a ways to go before she could effectively use her paci to self-soothe and to be quite honest, I was getting tired of the on-demand binky retriever task! I needed something that allowed my baby to locate her pacifier safely, easily, and quickly on her own. As I watched her gnaw on her hands in an attempt to soothe, as most babies do instinctively, the idea to attach her paci to a wristband hit. I quickly threw together a prototype at my kitchen table and attached her paci to it. I only demonstrated how the wristband worked twice and my husband and I watched in awe (and relief) as she repeatedly did it herself. She simply brought her wrist to her mouth to locate her pacifier on her own, whenever she wanted! We were thrilled to be taken out of the equation, and she was much happier being able to soothe whenever needed.

    It saved us mountains of frustration, and we’re excited for it to do the same for you!