The very first pacifier clip designed to turn any pacifier into a wristband

Babies instinctively raise their hands to their mouth in an effort to self-soothe. With the Ingy Bingy Band you can turn any paci, from a newborn pacifier to a toddler one, into a wristband that keeps their pacifier right where they need it, whenever they need it. Now your baby can comfort and soothe themselves, more easily and younger than ever before.

What parents are saying

  • “This Ingy Bingy Band is THE BEST! Pacifiers soothe my baby the best, but they’re constantly falling out of his mouth. He doesn’t yet have the dexterity to hold a paci by himself, but he can easily raise his hand to his mouth. Since using this band, my baby can just lift his wrist to his mouth and BAM, he soothes himself! Talk about a game changer!”

  • “Gone are the days of running through your house searching high and low for a pacifier. We love this pacifier accessory! This pacifier wristband just makes me feel more comfortable as a parent. No shame if you use a pacifier clip, but those make me anxious due to possible strangulation and choking hazards. I love that Lucy has this SAFE pacifier wristband to help her self-soothe! She’s 4.5 months and can find and use it all on her own!”

  • “Within a week we were able to teach our baby how to use the Ingy Bingy Band which led to self soothing and ultimately restful days and nights for both baby and mama! The material is safe and soft for baby and compatible with all pacis which we love since we have tested out quite a few. I am amazed how quickly babies respond to this product. Total game changer!”

  • “There was an age stretch where other options - pacifier stuffed animals, pacifier clips, etc - just didn’t help because developmentally he was still not able to locate the stuffed animal or follow the string to find the pacifier. With the Ingy Bingy Band - he knew exactly what to do with that! It saved us so much time and frustration with the never-ending pacifier task. And it allowed my son to self-soothe anytime! Happy baby = happy parents.”