Driving Safety with a Baby

Driving Safety with a Baby

Using a pacifier wristband doesn’t mean your baby won’t ever be fussy in the car, but it will help your baby to relax and self-soothe on their own so you can focus on the road!

Crying kids in the car is one of my biggest triggers for anxiety. Being trapped in a small space with someone screaming at the top of their lungs gets my heart racing. With three kids I almost always have someone unhappy as we’re driving from point A to point B.

With toddlers, you can usually talk them down and figure out what’s wrong pretty quickly, but when you have a tiny newborn with no way to communicate, you can find yourself distracted for long periods of time while trying to drive.

Driving is already dangerous so when you keep turning around to check on your baby you’ve got yourself a recipe for a car accident. One of the best ways for babies to stay calm in the car is with an infant pacifier. However, you run into issues when the infant pacifier keeps falling out and you are frantically trying to get it back in at every stop light.

Pacifier clips are great for helping babies to get the pacifier back in their mouth on their own, but studies say babies cannot typically do that on their own until about 7 months. Some also fear using a pacifier clip unsupervised also runs the risk of baby strangulation or choking in their car seat.

We avoided visiting family or going on trips as much as possible after our boys were born because the screaming car rides were so traumatic. Nothing was fun about traveling when we were constantly stressed from crying or worried our child could choke. We always had to strategically plan trips for nap time or bedtime to ensure a less anxiety-inducing experience for us as parents.

We are so grateful with our third child we have had the Ingy Bingy Band to not only make long car rides better, but everyday trips to the grocery store or park. The Ingy Bingy band is the pacifier accessory you need to make sure your baby stays calm while you stay focused on the road! It is a pacifier wristband (or pacifier bracelet) that velcros around baby’s wrist to help them self-soothe from as early as 4 months! This pacifier wristband allows baby to stay calm, happy, or asleep since they will constantly have access to their newborn pacifier!

This pacifier bracelet (if you would rather refer to it as that) just makes me feel more comfortable as a parent. Absolutely no shame if you use a pacifier clip, but those make me anxious due to the previously mentioned strangulation and choking hazards. Plus, your baby can effectively use this younger in life!

Driving is a necessity in our world. You probably find yourself in the car multiple times a day, just picking up and dropping off your baby at daycare. Getting into the car shouldn’t be a stressful experience and distracted driving needs to come to an end. As much as we want to help our babies calm down we need to be focused on the road to prevent serious injury from happening.

Using the Ingy Bingy Band doesn’t mean your baby won’t ever be fussy in the car, but it will help your baby to relax and self-soothe on their own so you can focus on the road!

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