5 Products that will make your Baby Happier

5 Products that will make your Baby Happier

If you have a newborn pacifier, an infant pacifier, or any pacifier at all, you NEED an Ingy Bingy Band to go with it! This pacifier wristband allows your baby to self-soothe younger than ever before! 

Babies cry. It breaks our mama hearts, but it’s the only way our little ones know how to communicate right now! When my 11-month-old starts crying I usually start offering a variety of different items until I find the item that she wants. I didn’t even realize I do this until I saw my 4 year old bring his little sister a variety of toys to help calm her down.

It’s frustrating and exhausting when we don’t know what our little ones want. However, we’ve found there are several products that will turn those tears into giggles, smiles and squeals!

1.     Pacifiers: Nonnutritive sucking is a natural habit for a newborn. If a baby isn’t using a pacifier, they will probably be using their fingers or mama’s breast to fulfill this desire. A pacifier will help soothe your baby and keep them happy! Some popular brands include: Itzy Ritzy, Ryan and Rose, and Philips Avent.

2.     Ingy Bingy Band: If you have a newborn pacifier, an infant pacifier, or any pacifier at all, you NEED an Ingy Bingy Band to go with it! Your baby probably gets frustrated when his infant pacifier keeps falling out. The Ingy Bingy Band is a pacifier wristband (or pacifier bracelet) that velcros around baby’s wrist to prevent that frustration. Babies can control their own pacifier usage from as early as 4 months with this product - younger than they are able with any other pacifier accessory! Any pacifier on the market attaches to this sanity saving pacifier bracelet. This pacifier wristband is great for keeping your baby happy on a walk, in the car, or at the dinner table. You never have to worry about your newborn pacifier falling on the ground or getting lost because your baby will always be attached to it! It will also save parent mountains of frustration and money looking for and replacing lost pacifiers!

3.     Sleep Sack: Bedtime can hard for babies, but I’m telling you a sleep sack will make your littles so happy! It’s unsafe for babies to have loose blankets in their crib so a sleep sack is a great alternative. They keep baby warm and help them to feel safe. Putting your child in their sleep sack helps signal to them that it’s bedtime. In my experience, it’s helped my kids fall asleep quicker and easier. My two-year-old still loves his sleep sack! He screams when it’s time for bed, but once he gets in his sleep sack he is ready to snuggle up and calm down. Some popular brands include: Halo, Burt’s Bees, and Kyte Baby.

4.     Teethers: Teething is one of the most difficult things for newborns. Teething toys are sure to make your baby so much happier! They help to soothe their sore gums and quench that desire for nonnutritive sucking. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but some great teethers include: baby banana toothbrush and teether, RazyBaby Silicone teether, Z-Vibe

5.     Bouncer: Babies love movement. A bouncer is a great way to let baby move and groove while you relax, fold laundry, do yoga or whatever else you need or want to do! Some popular brands include: Bright Starts, Baby Trend, and BabyBjorn!

I know your baby crying can be overwhelming, but I hope these products help bring a smile to your baby’s face and helps you rest a little bit easier!

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