Why are Babies Obsessed with Pacifiers?

Why are Babies Obsessed with Pacifiers?

A pacifier wristband will help your baby keep their pacifier right where they need it whenever they need to curb their desire for nonnutritive sucking!

Why are babies obsessed with pacifiers?

Babies love pacifiers because of the sucking motion commonly referred to as nonnutritive sucking. Nonnutritive sucking begins as early as the womb! There’s nothing sweeter than an adorable ultrasound of your baby sucking on their hands.

The American Academy of Family Physicians affirms that nonnutritive sucking is a normal part of your newborns behavior. They say, “Nonnutritive sucking is a natural reflex for a fetus and newborn, usually manifested by sucking the hands and fingers.” An infant pacifier is a great resource to fulfill this desire. 

Newborn pacifiers help to calm and soothe babies in times of distress and discomfort. They help make baby and parents happy! They truly are sanity savers! However, they don’t keep us sane for long if the infant pacifier keeps falling out.

How can the Ingy Bingy Band help you?

The Ingy Bingy Band is a pacifier wristband designed to help your baby access their pacifier on their own from as early as 4 months!

With a traditional pacifier clip or loose pacifier a baby can’t typically find and use their newborn pacifier on their own until they are 8 months old! That means YOU have to do all the work! This pacifier bracelet is also safer than a traditional pacifier clip. Pacifier clips may be adorable, but they contain parts that are choking hazards and could strangle a child if you aren’t careful.

Personal Experience

We tried Wubbanubs with my first son and the infant pacifier kept falling out. After washing it several times the stuffed animal started to smell gross as well. It’s been amazing to see our third child sad or upset and immediately calm herself down with her pacifier using the Ingy Bingy Band. There’s no stumbling around searching for pacifiers. It’s always right where she needs it, whenever she needs it!

What if my baby isn’t obsessed with a pacifier?

It’s okay! Not all babies like pacifiers, but if you’d like to make the pacifier work for your baby here are a few tips:

  • Dip the pacifier in breast milk or formula: Your baby might not understand the sucking action of a pacifier. If milk is on the tip of the pacifier they might be able to mimic the sucking action of a nipple or bottle.
  • Introduce it after a feeding: If your baby is already angry and crying, offering a pacifier they don’t want isn’t the best time to start trying. Your baby is most relaxed after a feeding so they may be more likely to take it when they are “milk drunk.”
  • Make the pacifier warm: The breast is warm. Letting the pacifier sit in warm water for a few minutes may help your baby take a pacifier.
  • Let someone else offer the pacifier: Sometimes if mom is the one who is offering the pacifier they might not want. Babies might associate mom with milk and comfort. Having your spouse or a friend or family member offer the pacifier might be the change you need to get that baby sucking on that pacifier!


The Ingy Bingy Band is not your everyday pacifier clip! This game-changing pacifier wristband helps babies self-soothe at a younger age than ever before! Instinctively, babies gnaw on their hands in an attempt to soothe. The Ingy Bingy pacifier wristband keeps their pacifier right where they’ll find it, allowing your baby to comfort and calm themselves while you do whatever it is you need to do!
Our buttery soft wristband comes in two styles to accommodate every pacifier.
Our Pacific style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Avent, BIBS, Dr. Brown’s, MAM, Nuby, NUK, Medela, FRIGG, Nanobébé, Tommee Tippee, and Chicco pacifiers. 
Our Sequoia style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Itzy Ritzy, Ryan & Rose, and The Dearest Grey pacifiers.  
If you are still unsure which pacifier wristband style is right for you, check out our style guide or text the name and/or picture of your preferred paci & we’ll let you know which style is right for you! 



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