Are Pacifier Clips Safe?

Are Pacifier Clips Safe?

The Ingy Bingy Band, a pacifier wristband, is the safest, most cost effective alternative to a pacifier clip!

The most important job as mothers is keeping our babies safe.  From the minute your baby is born you need to make sure he’s positioned correctly when you’re holding him, laying on his back when you lay him down, and making sure there are no loose blankets in his bed. It can feel overwhelming and exhausting to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your child safe. 

If only it got easier as they get older! As soon as our oldest son was mobile we had to start baby proofing the house! There truly are so many dangers in this world and so many of them are inside our own homes.

One danger you may not normally think of is a pacifier clip. 

What is a pacifier clip?

A pacifier clip is a pacifier accessory used to keep your baby’s pacifier off the ground and within reach at all times.

Materials: Materials vary depending on what type of pacifier clip you purchase. Clips are usually made of plastic or metal, and typically have a string with silicone or wooden beads.

How to Use: Attach the pacifier to the clip using the holes in the pacifier and the string on the end. (Each model might be slightly different!) Place the metal or plastic clip on your child’s shirt, bib, or jacket and place the pacifier in their mouth.

Why isn’t it safe?

Choking Hazard: Most clips are made with beads that are wooden or silicone and non-toxic, Phthalate & BPA-Free. This sounds great, but the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission says “that toys or products with small parts present a choking hazard to children under the age of three. A “small part” can be a whole or piece of a toy or article that “fits completely into a specially designed test cylinder 2.25 inches long by 1.25 inches wide that approximates the size of the fully expanded throat of a child under three years old.” The beads on pacifier clips are usually smaller than 1 inch. 

Strangulation: Many parents are also worried about some form of strangulation with the long strap. Use at your own comfort and consider attaching to areas of the clothing far away from their throats (but also close enough it reaches their mouth). 

This doesn’t mean you need to avoid pacifier clips altogether, but if you choose to go this route make sure it has beads that are bigger, connected, or a safer shape to reduce the risk of choking! I would always recommend keeping your baby in sight when they are wearing a pacifier clip!.

If you don’t want to use a pacifier clip, what should you use to keep your baby’s pacifier in close proximity?

The Ingy Bingy Band is the safest, most cost effective alternative to a pacifier clip! If you’re frustrated that your baby’s infant pacifier keeps falling out, then the Ingy Bingy Band is the product for you! The Ingy Bingy Band is a pacifier wristband designed to help your baby access their pacifier on their own from as early as 4 months.

With a traditional pacifier clip or loose pacifier a baby can’t typically find and use their newborn pacifier on their own until they are 8 months old! That means YOU have to do all the work! The Ingy Bingy Band is made of buttery soft material and velcros around your baby’s wrist. There are two models of this amazing pacifier wristband so no matter what pacifier your baby prefers it will work with the Ingy Bingy Band! Make the switch to the Ingy Bingy Band today!


The Ingy Bingy Band is not your everyday pacifier clip! This game-changing pacifier wristband helps babies self-soothe at a younger age than ever before! Instinctively, babies gnaw on their hands in an attempt to soothe. The Ingy Bingy pacifier wristband keeps their pacifier right where they’ll find it, allowing your baby to comfort and calm themselves while you do whatever it is you need to do!
Our buttery soft wristband comes in two styles to accommodate every pacifier.
Our Pacific style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Avent, BIBS, Dr. Brown’s, MAM, Nuby, NUK, Medela, FRIGG, Nanobébé, Tommee Tippee, and Chicco pacifiers. 
Our Sequoia style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Itzy Ritzy, Ryan & Rose, and The Dearest Grey pacifiers.  
If you are still unsure which pacifier wristband style is right for you, check out our style guide or text the name and/or picture of your preferred paci & we’ll let you know which style is right for you! 



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