Tips for Baby’s first cold

Tips for Baby’s first cold

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about sickness. There is something we can do about helping our babies to self-sooth during their sickness. Snag a pacifier wristband!

One of the most difficult parts of parenting babies/toddlers is the revolving door of illnesses. As of late, it feels like anytime we walk out our front door we catch something new. In the past three months our house has had RSV, the flu, a cold, a tummy bug, and COVID-19! Can anyone else relate?!

The coughing, the snot, and the vomiting gets old very quickly. I think the tummy bugs leave me in a pit of anxiety! My husband told me recently that I’m better at everything than him except cleaning up throw up.

Let me speak honestly, the 24/7 shift of parenting gets old, fast. It seems like when sickness comes around we all get terrible sleep. We had several nights of holding our babies all night in rocking chairs because they are too congested to lay down flat on their backs.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about sickness. There is something we can do about helping our babies to self-sooth during their sickness. The Ingy Bingy Band has helped our daughter stay comforted and content through all of her colds and coughs. It is a pacifier wristband that attaches to any pacifier, turning it into a wristband they can trn to for comfort anytime! With such frequent coughing, without a pacifier wristband, an infant pacifier keeps falling out.

However, with the pacifier wristband, she can take out her pacifier to cough and put it back in quickly and easily to soothe her whether it’s day or night! It’s helped her and ME stay calm and get so much better sleep as we navigate illness this winter!

Current research is saying babies can’t use a newborn pacifier on their own until about 8 months old. Each child is different, but our daughter just turned 8 months old and is not able to put the pacifier in her mouth on her own quickly or easily if it is not attached to the Ingy Bingy Band. She, like most 8 months old, isn’t skilled at crawling yet, either, so if the newborn pacifier rolls out of reach she is left cranky and without her pacifier! So we LOVE our pacifier wristband!

Nighttime with a newborn pacifier is tricky as well. Whether you are 8 months old, 4 years old, or even 30 years old I think it’s difficult to locate a pacifier in the dark of night. Having a pacifier wristband helps your child stay in dreamy land and quickly find their pacifier without having to fully wake up to search for it. I am always so relieved when I see her find her pacifier on her own rather than waking the whole house!

So what is this ingy bingy pacifier wristband I keep talking about?!

It’s a pacifier wristband that attaches to any pacifier and velcros around baby’s wrist. The absolute best part of this pacifier wristband is that from as early as 4 months your child can start using it on their own! This pacifier bracelet saves you time and frustration because you won’t be constantly looking for it and putting it back in your baby’s mouth when the newborn pacifier keeps falling out!

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