What is the best pacifier brand?

What is the best pacifier brand?

There's no perfect pacifier brand. However, since the Ingy Bingy Band, a pacifier wristband can attach to any infant pacifier it can remain a constant in your baby's life even if their pacifier preference changes!

Preparing for a new baby can be daunting. There are so many items that new babies need and products that just make mom life easier in the newborn phase. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees so we all have to pick and choose what items we find essential.

As a mom of three, two items that are essential are infant pacifiers and the Ingy Bingy Band! Infant pacifiers help your baby to relax, practice the sucking motion needed for feeding and self-soothe from an early age! The problem with pacifiers is when the infant pacifier keeps falling out. 

A pacifier clip has typically been the fix for this problem. However, they are choking hazards and babies can’t use them on their own until they are about 8 months old. The Ingy Bingy cuts that age in half! Babies can use this pacifier wristband from as early as 4 months old! Ingy Bingy Baby has designed the very first pacifier wristband that velcros around baby’s wrist.  Babies can be picky about their newborn pacifier so this pacifier bracelet has been designed to attach to any pacifier on the marketthe ingy bingy band making it easy to replace, clean, and sterilize newborn pacifiers when needed.

This begs the question: which pacifier should your baby use?

SURPRISE!!! There's no perfect brand! Here’s a list of the most popular and TRUSTED brands out there! These brands use quality materials to keep your baby safe and happy! They all have a variety of shapes and sizes making sure your baby will find the right one. We recommend purchasing several different kinds of newborn pacifiers from any of these brands so you can find the infant pacifier that works for your baby!


Ryan and Rose



Dr. Browns

Additional things to consider:

Age: As your child grows, pacifiers also change shape and firmness. These age guidelines exist to keep your baby safe and ensure the pacifiers work effectively! As your baby grows, their face will grow and the pacifier they used as a newborn won’t feel as normal. The nipple on pacifiers will get longer and firmer to accommodate your child’s growing mouth. Your child’s sucking ability will strengthen as they age. If an older baby is using a 0-3 month pacifier older they can suck the shield into their mouth accidentally and choke. Pacifiers for older children are made with a larger shield to prevent this from happening.

One Piece: A newborn pacifier with multiple pieces can break and become choking hazards instantly. Always choose a pacifier that is one piece!!

Shape: The shape of the shield on pacifiers has different purposes. The round or oversized shield will gently press up against baby’s nose. Most breastfed babies will prefer this style as it mimics the soothing feeling of breastfeeding. The butterfly shape is also popular and is preferred by babies who need a little bit more room for their nose to breathe!

Substance: Most pacifiers are made of rubber or silicon. It’s important to keep in mind that some babies do have latex allergies! If you haven’t introduced a bottle to your baby yet, we would recommend finding a silicon infant pacifier since it’s hypoallergenic!

Nipple: The two main nipple shapes are rounded or orthodontic. Rounded nipples tend to be easier for babies to take, but orthodontic nipples support the shape of the developing jaw and palate of the baby. 

Price: More expensive doesn’t always mean better. Pacifiers need to be replaced about every 2 months so consider price when choosing a pacifier!



The Ingy Bingy Band is not your everyday pacifier clip! This game-changing pacifier wristband helps babies self-soothe at a younger age than ever before! Instinctively, babies gnaw on their hands in an attempt to soothe. The Ingy Bingy pacifier wristband keeps their pacifier right where they’ll find it, allowing your baby to comfort and calm themselves while you do whatever it is you need to do!
Our buttery soft wristband comes in two styles to accommodate every pacifier.
Our Pacific style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Avent, BIBS, Dr. Brown’s, MAM, Nuby, NUK, Medela, FRIGG, Nanobébé, Tommee Tippee, and Chicco pacifiers. 
Our Sequoia style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Itzy Ritzy, Ryan & Rose, and The Dearest Grey pacifiers.  
If you are still unsure which pacifier wristband style is right for you, check out our style guide or text the name and/or picture of your preferred paci & we’ll let you know which style is right for you!



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