Should you buy pacifiers online?

Should you buy pacifiers online?

When newborn pacifiers are used and cleaned appropriately they are 100% safe to purchase in store or online! The Ingy Bingy Band, a pacifier wristband is the safest pacifier accessory to go with it!

It’s great to be cautious as a parent. In this day and age, I think it’s really hard to be overly cautious anymore! This being said, let’s talk about pacifiers. 

Are pacifiers safe?

When newborn pacifiers are used appropriately they are 100% safe! You should monitor your baby when using their pacifier to ensure 100% safety! Inspect your pacifiers regularly so there are no holes or loose parts that could be choking hazards.

Is it safe to buy them online?

Of course! Most people forget that newborn pacifiers should be replaced every 4-6 weeks. If it’s easier to order from Amazon then run to the store, do it! There’s no difference! 

However, always remember to sterilize them when you take them out of the package before your child uses them because there could be bacteria on it. After that, make sure to keep cleaning your infant pacifiers daily because the infant pacifier keeps falling out!

How to sterilize an infant pacifier:

  • Wash thoroughly with hot soapy water.


  • Run through the dishwasher: A dishwasher bottle basket is a great place to put a newborn pacifier to make sure it doesn’t get stuck under anything and can get cleaned properly.

After each wash, remember to inspect each pacifier. If there are holes or signs of wear the infant pacifier should be replaced immediately.

Pro Tip: Although ordering online may be convenient, it may be easier to go into the store to look more closely at the different infant pacifier options. I always find it easier to overlook things and order the wrong item online than when I’m looking in the store!

Which brand should I buy?

There's no perfect brand! Here’s a list of the most popular and TRUSTED brands out there! These brands use quality materials to keep your baby safe and happy! They all have a variety of shapes and sizes making sure your baby will find the right one. We recommend purchasing several different kinds of newborn pacifiers from any of these brands so you can find the infant pacifier that works for your baby!




Dr. Browns

Ryan and Rose: This brand is a little bit harder to find in stores, but is available at Target, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx!

You should be able to find the rest of these brands at your local Walmart!

No matter which pacifier you use you will want a pacifier accessory to go with it. Your baby’s newborn pacifier will keep falling out! It’s so frustrating and exhausting to keep putting it back in! The Ingy Bingy Band works with any type of newborn pacifier so no matter what brand/shape your baby loves, you will be able to use the Ingy Bingy Band. This pacifier wristband velcros around baby’s wrist to help them self-soothe from as early as 4 months! This pacifier bracelet is safe, comfortable, and buttery soft! 



The Ingy Bingy Band is not your everyday pacifier clip! This game-changing pacifier wristband helps babies self-soothe at a younger age than ever before! Instinctively, babies gnaw on their hands in an attempt to soothe. The Ingy Bingy pacifier wristband keeps their pacifier right where they’ll find it, allowing your baby to comfort and calm themselves while you do whatever it is you need to do!
Our buttery soft wristband comes in two styles to accommodate every pacifier.
Our Pacific style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Avent, BIBS, Dr. Brown’s, MAM, Nuby, NUK, Medela, FRIGG, Nanobébé, Tommee Tippee, and Chicco pacifiers. 
Our Sequoia style should be used when your baby’s pacifier holes are near their nose and chin when in use. It is most commonly used with Itzy Ritzy, Ryan & Rose, and The Dearest Grey pacifiers.  
If you are still unsure which pacifier wristband style is right for you, check out our style guide or text the name and/or picture of your preferred paci & we’ll let you know which style is right for you!



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