How to Use Pacifier Accessories

How to Use Pacifier Accessories

Wubbabubs and pacifier clips are popular pacifier accessories, but the Ingy Bingy Band is the newest pacifier wristband that is going to change pacifier accessories for the better!

How to Use Pacifier Accessories

Infant pacifiers are sanity savers. There is nothing like having a small piece of silicone that will turn your baby’s tears and screams into complete silence. One of the main problem with newborn pacifiers is that the infant pacifier keeps falling out.

Many parents will invest in a pacifier accessory to help with this problem. Wubbabubs and pacifier clips are popular options, but the Ingy Bingy Band is the newest pacifier wristband that is going to change pacifier accessories for the better!

There’s nothing worse than buying a product and not having all the accurate information about it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered products only to be confused how to use it once it arrives.

Here’s a look at all three pacifier accessories!


Cost: ~$12-$16.99

Material: The pacifier is 100% silicone and the plush is made of polyester fibers.

How to Use: Wash the infant pacifier in hot soapy water before use. Put in your baby’s mouth and give them double the comfort with the comfort from the infant pacifier and the lovey!


  • This is not recommended for any child once they’ve started teething.
  • Pacifiers need to be replaced every 4-6 weeks so you will need to buy new Wubbanubs frequently.
  • They do have a detachable model on the market now so with some Wubbanubs you will only have to replace the infant pacifier and not the lovey. However, only the Wubbanub infant pacifier attaches to this pacifier accessory.

Pacifier Clip

Cost: ~$5-$15

Material: Materials vary depending on what type of pacifier clip you purchase. Clips are usually made of plastic or metal, and typically have a string with silicone or wooden beads.

How to Use: Attach the pacifier to the clip using the holes in the pacifier and the string on the end. (Each model might be slightly different!) Place the metal or plastic clip on your child’s shirt, bib, or jacket and place the pacifier in their mouth.

If the pacifier keeps falling out the pacifier won’t fall on the ground. It’s within reach of baby so by 8 months they should be able to find the pacifier and put it back in their mouth on their own.


  • Pacifier clips can have small pieces that are choking hazards.
  • Due to the choking hazard, pacifier clips need to be replaced at the first sign of wear.

Ingy Bingy Band

Cost: $11.99

Material: This pacifier wristband is made of super soft and smooth material, so it won’t irritate the baby’s skin.  The attachment piece is 100% good-grade silicone. It’s also BPA free!

How to Use: Weave the T-strap through your pacifier holes. Push the end of the T-strap through the hole in the silicone base to secure it. Use the velcro to size to baby’s wrist! (For a visual check out the website!)


  • This pacifier bracelet comes in two different design styles so that it can attach to 100% of pacifiers on the market!
  • This pacifier wristband makes it possible for babies to self-soothe from as early as 4 months!
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