How to entertain baby in the car

How to entertain baby in the car

The key are items or activities – which cannot be thrown on the car floor - that will allow your baby to soothe or entertain on their own!

Long drives can be tiresome for the entire family, but particularly when you have a baby in the backseat with little to no entertainment! There’s no denying that babies get bored fast, but you couple that with the constant throwing of whatever entertainment they do have, and you have the recipe for a loud, dangerous car ride as you try to reach back and hand your baby products that will (hopefully) keep them from screaming incessantly. So how do you keep a baby entertained during these long car rides? The key are items or activities – which cannot be thrown on the car floor - that will allow your baby to soothe or entertain on their own!

Buy a pacifier wristband

The Ingy Bingy Band is the world’s first pacifier wristband. Whether you refer to it as a pacifier wristband or pacifier bracelet, this game-changing product will save you! It allows you to secure any pacifier of your baby’s preference to a soft, buttery wristband that you can then secure snug around their wrist. Pacifier clips are great, but most babies won’t be able to locate and reliably put their pacifier in their mouth until they are 7 months old. Because babies instinctively raise their hands to their mouth, Ingy Bingy Band has effectively put their infant pacifier right where they need it, whenever they need it! It has cut that 7 month wait in half for many babies (and parents)!  With the twist of the wrist, your baby can now self-soothe. Couple that with the fact tat they are unable to toss it on the ground and you can say goodbye to those long car rides full of screaming and dangerously reaching back to locate the tossed infant pacifier!


Singing is fun way to keep your baby entertained and they cannot continuously toss it on the floor and yell at you to pick it up while you are driving! Did you know that there is actually a song that was designed with science to make your baby happy and laugh? It was tested at various stages in order to find the right tempo and melody. Try it out today! The repetitive jingle may get you eventually, but I’d still take a baby full of giggles over screams and tears any day!

Attach a toy to your car seat

Aside from having a pacifier wristband, car seat activity toys are another great entertainment option that cannot be repeatedly tossed onto your car floor! Capture your baby’s attention with some fun dangling objects, toys and noise! The entertainment value may come and go, but it will be right there when your baby needs it! This one by Itzy Ritzy is one of our favorites!

Get a travel activity bag

Have a bag dedicated to toys that are only available to your baby while in the car! This makes them new and special when pulled out which is sure to lengthen the entertainment period. It does not have to be expensive – just fill it with random toys you think may keep your baby’s attention. With every car ride, you will learn more about what they enjoy and your activity bag will only get better and better!


Keeping your child entertained while driving can be difficult, but these tips, tricks and products are extremely helpful in saving both you and your baby’s sanity during long car rides! It’s not always the amount of products you have with you in the car, but the quality of those products. Think about things like the Ingy Bingy Band and attachable car seat toys that cannot be thrown and are constantly available to your baby as needed.

Good luck on your upcoming travel!

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